#WorkFit during the Corona Crisis

We support the heroes in the vital professions who keep us safe by offering them free online health coaching. 


Stay Fit & Healthy in Time of Corona

In these exceptional times, your employees are under even more pressure than before the Corona crisis. Unfortunately, we do not have the cure for the Coronavirus. We can, however, help your employees to become and remain strong mentally and physically. Fitmo Foundation provides relief for organisations and its employees by offering free online lifestyle and vitality coaching. We focus on organisations and institutions that are essential to keep society afloat, the so-called ‘vital professions’. Is this something for your organisation? Do not hesitate to contact us.


#WorkFit For The Employee

During the corona crisis, the workload is high among the vital professions. This pressure takes the utmost from people who carry out their work at their own risk. A lot is demanded mentally and physically and the team of coaches from the Fitmo Foundation can help. With the #HealthyAtHome project, we help people to #StayHome, so that our heroes connect with their own Fitmo Coach to #WorkFit.

1) Choose a coach

Choose a coach that makes you feel good. It’s all online so when and where it suits you.

2) Direct Contact

You are connected to your Fitmo coach via the Fitmo app. Communicate quickly and easily via instant messaging and video chat.

3) Lasting results!

Your coach is ready for you and can give personal advice that will help you achieve guaranteed results.


#WorkFit Keeps Employees Healthy

We understand that the workload is extremely high, especially in this time of crisis. That is why the Fitmo Foundation offers personal guidance so that they can stay physically and mentally healthy. Registration is quick and easy and enables companies to offer their staff an accessible solution, with the Fitmo Foundation taking on the full guidance. 

Step 1

Send an email to the employees who might be interested in this

Step 2

Employees can find more information on the landing page and can register

Step 3

The selected employees receive a code with which they can get a coach for free.


Fitmo Foundation Also Works For You!

Fitmo is the company behind the Fitmo Foundation and focuses on companies and its employees. Studies from the VU Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and the &niped knowledge institute show that Fitmo is effective! The Fitmo Foundation is an initiative that has been established with the mission to help those who do not have the resources to get a health coach but who can benefit from it. The Fitmo Foundation initiates projects that benefit the wellbeing of our society; especially in these uncertain times with the Coronavirus.


Our Coach-Heroes

Birgit Snelleman

Foundation coach

“Energetic and all-round coach.”

Sjaak Muller

Foundation Coach

“Recognize who you are and feel free.”

Mirjam Van Der Mij

Foundation Coach

“Be your best version of yourself.”

Anneloes Hilbers

Foundation Coach

“What does your body tell you?”