Together Strong Against Corona

Discover Fitmo Foundation’s #WorkFit & #HealthyAtHome. Our team of health coaches are helping people to stay healthy during the corona crisis.



Fitmo is the company behind Fitmo Foundation and focuses on companies and its employees. Studies from the Vrije University, University of Amsterdam, and the &niped knowledge institute show that Fitmo is effective! The Fitmo Foundation is an initiative that has been established with the mission to help those who do not have the resources to get a health coach, but would benefit from it. The Fitmo Foundation initiates projects that benefit the wellbeing of our society; especially in these uncertain times with the Coronavirus.



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An initiative aimed at organisations active in the vital professions where employees are offered free lifestyle coaching to keep them mentally and physically strong.


An initiative aimed at everyone who currently has to work from home and needs tips and tricks to stay healthy during these stressful times.



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