Stay #HealthyAtHome During The Corona Crisis

Stay physically and mentally healthy with the help of professional health coaches who make their services available to everyone in the Netherlands!


Discover Tips & Tricks Against Corona

Unfortunately, we do not have the cure for the Coronavirus, but we do offer the tools to get through these difficult times as best as possible. Learn how to be there for your family, but also for yourself. Learn how to stay healthy and how to get back to your social life as soon as the situation allows it. Through inspiring blogs and videos, our health coaches take you into their world in which they positively influence the lives of thousands of people every day. Read everything you need to know about eating healthy, exercising well, feeling good and much more to stay physically and mentally healthy during the Corona crisis.


#HealthyAtHome Offers Help During Coronavirus

HealthyAtHome is an initiative created by the Fitmo Foundation. Born out of the ambition to offer all people with a vital profession and the driving force behind these heroes, as well as those who are forced to stay at home, an easily accessible tool to stay fit and healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic. A team of professional coaches, who have already helped thousands of people worldwide, join forces for a mentally and physically healthy Netherlands!


Fitmo Foundation Also Works For You!

Fitmo is the company behind the Fitmo Foundation and focuses on companies and its employees. Studies from the VUMC Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and the &niped knowledge institute show that Fitmo is effective! The Fitmo Foundation is an initiative that has been established with the mission to help those who do not have the resources to get a health coach but who can benefit from it. The Fitmo Foundation initiates projects that benefit the wellbeing of our society; especially in these uncertain times with the Coronavirus.


Our Coach-Heroes

Birgit Snelleman

Foundation coach

“Energetic and all-round coach.”

Sjaak Muller

Foundation Coach

“Recognize who you are and feel free.”

Mirjam Van Der Mij

Foundation Coach

“Recognize who you are and feel free.”

Anneloes Hilbers

Foundation Coach

“Be your best version of yourself.”